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Tantalus wrote as follows on 6/6/2007 about The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great on the Pothos Forum at

“If you want answers to your questions you really should read Andrew's book first. I think you would enjoy it.
As for Alexander being in St. Mark's tomb, that is not really what his book is about. It is only in the last few pages of the book that he mentions the subject. And even then he only proposes it as something to consider. And he gives his reasons for doing so.
The majority of the book is the story of Alexander's Tomb through the centuries. It starts with Alexander's death and the establishment of the tomb. It continues chronologically through the years and centuries listing the Tomb's appearance in historical sources. Along the way Andrew fills in the gaps with perceptive insights and logical conclusions.
One thing I especially like about the book is that it is packed with history, not just about the Tomb, but also of Alexandria and related historical events. And there are many wonderful and well-chosen illustrations and maps throughout the book.
I found his book to be thoroughly researched and enlightening. In fact, it is the most interesting and enjoyable Alexander related book that I have read in a long time.
Do I think Alexander is in St. Mark's Tomb? I find the idea very intriguing and exciting. I think it's definitely worth consideration and further study. And I wouldn't be surprised if he is there.”